Publishing Programs

Paper-to-digital project management

Copyright inventories

Digital publications 

Creative Talent Support

Targeted consultations

Writing, editing, research

Online courses, creative circles

Educational institutions, associations, libraries, archives and publishers rely on our teams to inventory rights or asset ownership and to develop complimentary courses, virtual presentations, animations and reading materials. 

Teresa Hartnett

Experts, scholars and other professionals tap decades of literary work in targeted consultations, developmental editing, and expanded-career coaching.

Online Educational Initiatives

Content audits, derivatives, valuation

Talent inspiration and support

Effectiveness metrics 

Creativity Serving the Human Enterprise

Managers and human resource professionals use our online courses, creative circles, on-boarding

orientation for talent in virtual settings, and other coaching tools for expert-driven organizations and resolutions.

Creative Resolutions


Virtual dispute resolution 

Restorative justice and creativity